I have never been to Springfield before, and honestly I wasn’t coming with high expectations, but upon arrival to our amazing Airbnb I haven’t been able to stop smiling and gawking over this beautiful place. I am not the biggest fan of Missouri, but I am a big fan of aesthetic and good food.

For starters, I am here for the American Society for Microbiology research conference with my research tech, and friend, Mia! Pretty much everyone in my life knows I am more of a photographer than I will ever be a scientist, so I did what was natural and captured the beauty and stillness of our time spent in this city. Our Airbnb was absolutely wonderful, the conference has been interesting, and the food has been incredible. That’s pretty much all I need in life- nice things to look at and good food. Plus my dog.

“Spend your life d0ing strange things with weird people”


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