I am so lucky to have found a friend like you at a point in my life when I needed one the most. These last two years in Kirksville have been amazing, but honestly my time here got significantly better once we became friends. I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me and Mr. Finn these last couple of months, but I promise I will try to repay you in PLENTY of photos. I love that we are both crazy dog moms, because honestly I feel like I would have been a major outcast without you by my side.

I want you to know how incredible you are, and how amazingly beautiful you are on the inside and on the outside. You are going to be one heck of physician, and I am so happy I get to be here to watch you change lives.

St. Joe doesn’t know what is coming for them, because we are going to KILL it.

Drew still sucks, and we should probably just get married and leave him behind.

Much  love from your partner in crime,