-Mr. & Mrs. Phipps-

I originally met Jacob and Chelsea on the day of their engagement session, and from the moment I gave them both a big bear hug I knew we were instantly going to become great friends. That is one of the most important parts about this job, the ability to not only be a photographer, but to open yourself up and build a friendship that will last a lifetime. I have no doubt in my mind these two will always be just that- life long friends.

As expected, their wedding day was nothing short of amazing. I kept telling them through the day about how I have never had this much fun with a bridal party. Everyone was so sincere (except for the few April fools jokes played on me), and genuine humans, which made my time shooting the most fun! Little Piney Lodge was so incredibly beautiful as well, and the owners went above and beyond to help out with portraits. Another plus about the day was that there was zero cell phone service which I think, in a world full of phone slaves, everyone could use a little more of every now and again. In all, I had a blast creating a little magic with Jake and Chelsea- and I wish them the best in this new life they have together.

-Sincerely, Stephanie-

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