Proposal Near Pinnacle Mountain in Little Rock, Arkansas

Sam contacted me just weeks prior to his proposal to Megan in Little Rock, Arkansas and asked me if I would be free to document the moment he asked her to be his wife! I was SO lucky that I was in fact free on a Saturday in April!!!

Sam and I proceeded to email back and forth about the game plan, and let me tell you what, this guy had the plan nailed DOWN! He even went as far as to send me pictures and a map to the layout of the house and where I should be. Example: “Park on the left, enter the back door, take 3 lefts, and then a right, go down the second hall and enter the second door on your right. Stay there until my aunt comes to get you around 7:15 where she will bring you up to the balcony.” UHMMMMMMMMM WHAT? Sam certainly set me up for success and I honestly felt like a spy sneaking around! Not to mention, I could hear the whole family in the kitchen and here is little ole me walking around with two big cameras at my waist when THE DOG STARTS BARKING AT ME!!! But Sam’s uncle already had planned for this to happen and told Megan that his friend was stopping by to grab a fishing pole! Genius!

Then the moment the proposal happened. At approximately 7:15, Aunt Joi came to get me, and as we walked up to the third floor I could see Megan, Sam, and their family out on the patio. Joi explained to me that she was going to ask Sam and Megan if she could take their picture, and at that point signal me to come out. That was exactly how it happened too!!! Sam started to take the ring out of his pocket and Megan nudged him and was like, “NOOOO YOU’RE JOKING!!!!,” and then the moment she saw me bust through the doors like a photographer James Bond, she knew it was *actually* happening. The thing we all dream about as little girls and boys, the moment where our partner in crime turns into our partner for life. It was finally her turn to become a fiance! Sam then got down on one knee and proceeded to say:

“You’re my breath of fresh of air”

“I don’t have everything figured out, but I want to figure it out with you in my life.”

And then……”Megan will you marry me?”

*Cue the tears and excitement*

Megan of course said yes, and then these moments were followed by hugs and laughter shared with their closest friends and family! Sam made sure to have all of Megan’s friends waiting out in front of the house, and even flew in Megan’s best friend from Texas! They all enjoyed champagne and snacks, and spent the night celebrating the newly engaged couple!

As a photographer, I thrive on emotion driven moments, and things like proposals are one of the most emotional events in a couples life! I was extremely grateful to be here, and I wish Sam and Megan the best of lucky as they venture into wedding planning, and eventually marriage!

xoxo- Stephanie