I have been waiting almost 2 years to meet the Starnes kids! No joke. And guess what? They are actually perfect- just like I knew they would be! It was frigid outside, below freezing, but these cuties sucked it up and did a photo shoot with me (I had been asking Clay to let me do this for pretty much ever).

To back track, I met clay here in Kirksville, MO at ATSU. He is a second year medical student and I am a second year master student (THE MASTER OF LIFE DUH). He is such a genuinely nice dude, but I have to say after him telling me about his kids my little heart was sold to be his friend just so I could photograph the little love monsters. I am so happy I got the chance to hang with them + their new dog Scout for the evening. We made it out with only a few tears and one spilt hot coco, but in all, it was a pretty rad experience. I can’t wait to watch them grown and to see their dad become a kick butt physician!

Good luck with school Clay – and good luck keeping the monkeys tamed.


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