Fact: I have never been face to face with cancer. I have seen it in text books, the internet, on T.V., but I had never met it. Let me tell you, it sucks no matter how you see it. Last year I lost my sister in-law to cancer, and it turned my brother’s world upside down. I know many of you out there have been affected by the grey world of cancer that has no mercy on who it takes color from. And I am so incredibly sorry. But this post isn’t to dwell on the inside out world of cancer, but to reflect on a day that I feel extremely lucky to have been a part of. A day where wishes were granted, where laughs and tears came by the hundreds, and more importantly where memories were made. A day a little girl found out she was going to Disney World.

-Meet Teig-

Teig is a three-year-old little princess who lives in Kansas City, MO and is currently fighting stage 3 embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma in her left cheek. She is absolutely, hands down, the most joyful, full of life three-year-old I have ever met. The way she runs, the way she covers her mouth when she giggles, the way she notices each and every person in the room and greets them all with a giant bear hug, are just few of the things that made it hard for me to fight back the tears on this magical Sunday. I wish I could be her best friend, I wish I could spend every day playing dress up and baking cookies with her, and I wish that she didn’t have to fight cancer at the young age of three. But life is a real big stubbed toe sometimes. And that’s that. Teig is a fighter though, a real Muhammad Ali, and she is going to beat this. I know she will.

I hope you enjoy this story of a little girl’s wish coming true to spend 7 days in Disney World.

For more information and support please visit her GoFundMe account!



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