10 reasons you should definitely bring your pup to your engagement shoot or wedding:



1. Because leaving them at home is too hard. I mean come on! Those puppy eyes are everything.



2. They probably love you more than your fiancé does.



3. Dogs are more than pets, they are family. The truest thing I know.



4. You know your husband will be there because he would never go to a “shoot” without his hunting dog.


5. They are the comfort zone…are you shy? Need help breaking out of your shell for photos? Bringing the pup along can do just that!!


6. Laughter!! Embrace the natural unposed photoshoot and be silly with your goofy pup!


7. Dogs can’t object at a wedding.



8. Great conversation starter! Usually the second I see my client’s dog, I turn my crazy dog lady switch on full power! Bonding over dog talk really takes a conversation a long way.


9. Dogs can’t give an embarrassing best man speech. Mainly because they are flawless animals that can do no wrong. Ever.



10. If someone passes gas, you can just blame the dog. (You know it’s true)


In all seriousness though, I think it’s important to bring your dogs to your engagement or wedding day photos because you are all they have in life. Their only job is to love you, so on a day where you celebrate love you should celebrate the one thing that loves your more than anything in the entire universe. Dogs unconditionally love in a way we could never compare. They are the actual cutest things in the world, and bring pure joy to your face. That is what I love to capture, pure happiness. The bond between human and dog is so special, and I think all dog owners should use these photo sessions to document the life they live with their dogs. The sad truth is that dogs don’t live very long, however the memories can live forever in photographs. If I am your photographer, I never want you to second guess if you should bring the dog or not, because my answer will always be yes!


“Emma Grace wasn’t just our dog, she was our family. We wanted to spend our special day with those we love the most, including our sweet EG. It wouldn’t have been complete without her!”


“We wanted our dogs to be a part of our pictures because they are a part of us. They give us unconditional love on our best and worst days. Celebrating being engaged is such an important milestone in life and we wanted to share those moments with our little fur family. They bring such joy to our lives and one day they will no longer be with us. To have such beautiful pictures with them in such happy times is something we will cherish forever.”


“It was important for Alex and I to have our fur babies in our engagement photos because they are the most important things in our lives. They show us unconditional love every single day and make our lives better than we could of ever imagined. I’m so glad we got to capture that love in our engagement session.”


“Ruger is a part of us, he makes us a family, so it only made sense, it was never something we questioned!”



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