Kansas City Wedding Reception

This wedding reception at the Simpson House in Kansas City, Missouri was unexpectedly rainy/cloudy, but was nothing short of incredible. The evening was filled with many laughs, a whole lot of love, and a well deserved amount of dance floor jams (my favorite part of weddings). Traci, the bride, is the BEST boudoir photographer in Kansas City, and goes by Indium Boudoir ! At the time of her wedding reception, we honestly didn’t even know each other. It was one of those events, where I thought I would just show up, shoot, and peace out (with love of course). Now, 6 months later or so, I would consider Traci as one of my really good friends from the Kansas City area! She is every ounce of sweet, personable, and professional. I love being able to grow with her in this photography industry, even if we shoot completely different groups of people. We just got done traveling to Tampa, Florida together where we took an intense photography business workshop called Hustle & Flow ! I am sure you guys don’t even read this stuff, but if you do, you can probably guess I am low key obsessed with my friend in these photos. No shame at all. Days like this make me so proud to call myself a Kansas City wedding photographer!

I hope you enjoy these photos 🙂


Dress:The Blush by Hayley Paige bridal collection

Hair: @april_janel 

Makeup: @aglaviano 

Photographer: Stephanie Nachtrab

Floral: @cosentinoskc + DIY

Silk from florals: Silk & Willow

Rentals: Ultra Pom Kansas City

Cake: Blue Thistle Cakes

Caterer: Garozzo’s

DJ: Husk DJ

“Stephanie is amazinggggg! I highly recommend you hire her for your wedding day! I searched for months for a local photographer because I am SO picky. I was so happy to come across her work on someone’s insta. She has so much energy, showed up early, and gave me alllll the photos I could ever want. I had super high expectations and she exceeded them all. She also delivered very quickly and I got to see ‘sneak peeks’ THE NIGHT OF on her insta story. Also, her editing style thoooo. The best. My dress was white with subtle beaded texture and you can see all the detail because of the way she edits. She will also give you all the direction and make you laugh. She books quickly so get her asap!”



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