Lisa, Logan, Haven, and Indy // The Warner Family

This is the type of session that reminded me of why I chose to put most of what my life means into a black mirror box. I know that my work isn’t just a reflection of reality, but a reflection of my vision and artistic spin on how I see reality. This family is something very special, and I hope you see what I felt during this session. This is love, it the most raw form. Family is forever, no matter what. And for the first time ever I actually didn’t want to put my camera down during a family session (usually I am not a big kid person), as you can tell this evening was full of laughing, spinning, running, and a whole lot of mommy and daddy love.

I am incredibly thankful to know Lisa and Logan, and I can’t wait until we get to meet again (hopefully in Utah). Good luck with the rest of medical school, Logan, and keep killing the mom game, Lisa. I love you and your kid gang so very dearly.


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