Target Inspired Dog Birthday Party!


Today is Finn’s (@thegoldenfinn) third birthday and what better way to spend it other than with a little photoshoot! Pretty much every year I procrastinate with Finn’s dog birthday party photos, and this year Target really came in clutch for last minute decorations. I was even shocked to see that they carried mini french fry holders- which to me what the absolute cutest touch!

We spent yesterday running around, to get all of his energy out and to help with those cute doggy smiles, and then running to Target and McDonalds to prepare for the photos! My friend Jaimie let me use her photography studio in St. Louis, and together we created some real magic! If you are wondering, yes I let Finn eat an entire hamburger (because he ate it faster than I could blink my eyes) and he ate a good portion of those fries! As far as his regular doggy food goes, he only got one cup for dinner, and he gets fed Fromm Family Pet Food!

To finish off the photos, Finn got dressed up in a Tuxedo from Ebay, and posed with some adult human beverages, because what better way to celebrate turning 21 years old in dog years?? (no alcohol was consumed by the doggy in the making of these photos, but I can’t speak the same for myself.)

I have to say these are some of my favorite dog birthday photos yet, but maybe I am just a little biased!

I hope you enjoy these!




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