MORGAN + BILL// Twins in the oven

Sometimes I get super bummed about living in Kirksville, where there aren’t a lot of clients to photograph. But then every so often I get contacted by some really amazing humans. This is an example of some of those really amazing humans. Bill is a second year dental student at ATSU and Morgan is his lovely lovely wife, who also happens to be carrying TWINS BABIES!!!!!!!! WHAT???? I honestly don’t know how she can be 31 weeks pregnant and still look this beautiful. I can’t forget to mention Stockton, the little pup! He sure gave me a lot of laughs, and I am probably most happy when I have a camera in my hand and dog by my side. Anyway, not sure if you guys really read these things or not, but I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do! God is creating quite the masterpiece, and I am so happy I was the first to document the beginning of a beautiful journey.

-Sincerely, Stephanie-

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