Matt + Sarah

These two were everything (if you can’t already tell). I first met Matt during college at Northwest Missouri State University (OABAAB!!!!), and I always knew that he was a stand up guy, but it wasn’t until this engagement session that I realized how much passion and love filled his heart. That passion and love is centered around Sarah and her little dream boat of a little girl Ellie (not pictured).

From the moment I saw that Matt and Sarah were dating via Facebook, I knew instantly that I wanted to meet here. Her bright smile is contagious, and her beauty is rooted deep within her heart as well as spread over her incredible outward appearance. I am straight up obsessed with this girl (in a non creepy way, I might add). Meeting her absolutely confirmed all of the expectations I had for her, she is the most sincere woman that I have ever gotten the chance to work with.

I am so so so happy that I get to photograph the love story of these two, and I honestly just can’t wait to build a life long friendship with the both of them. The journey has just begun, and I know this is going to be a good one.

-Sincerely, Stephanie-

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