West Bottoms Engagement Session | Sandy x Diane

It was love at first email. That’s how the friendship between Diane and I started (don’t worry I will get to Sandy in a minuteeeee). Diane professed her love for wine, flaming hot cheetos, and all things joe dirt all in the very first paragraph of her email to me! I meannnn if that’s not *instant soul mate* guidelines then I don’t know what is. Fast forward to a couple weeks after booking I stayed over at their house, drank wine, crashed on their air mattress, and woke up the next morning for the best nitro coffee I’ve ever had! I was freaking BONDING with these people man. I was bonding so much, that I was convinced we were going to live as neighbors with doggy doors that connected our fences. HA! Well wake up call…. THAT AIN’T HAPPENING! I am unfortunately moving to Little Rock, Arkansas and leaving Diane and Sandy for dead friendship meat in Columbia. Not really, but I like to say that for dramatic effect!
Anyway, Sandy and Diane’s engagement session couldn’t have been more of a freaking blasty blast of a day! It was the day after Diane’s birthday, and we started off at Amigoni Winery in the West Bottoms of Kansas City! Honestly we only walked in a circle around one block for this whole session, but there was so much to work with around the area that it didn’t really seem like we were staying in the same spot! Andddd uhhhhh, can we talk about their outfits? LIKE HOLY FREAKING STYLE GOALS! I can’t wait for their wedding in August, and I can’t wait to drink too much wine and most likely do the jump splits on the dance floor! I hope you have fomo if you are reading this… I know I would!
Much love!

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