Kansas City Couple Session // Kahlil + Alyssa

If I could give you any advice before you dive into these photos of this Kansas City Couple Session, it would be to encourage you to reach out to people who look like they might need a friend. Even if it’s only for a second- because sometimes you can find yourself making life long memories if you give that one person, one second of your time. That advice is how I ended up here!

Last summer (or maybe is was last spring) I met Kahlil Mckenzie at a dog park in north Kansas City! I saw him sitting on a bench and I decided to sit next to him and strike up conversation like the good midwest girl that I am! Turns out Kahlil plays for the Kansas City Chiefs (lets goooooooooo!!!!!), and he also has a bangin’ hot girlfriend, Alyssa!

Naturally when I realize two people are the hottest people on the planet, especially when it’s a kansas city couple, I almost always ask if I can photograph them! I honestly would do this job for free if I could just photograph random strangers and their honeys everyday! Luckily, Kahlil and Alyssa didn’t hesitate to take me up on my offer to photograph them in December- and frickin’ frickkkkk did we make that magic happen! I mean, did you see those robes??? P sure I peed my pants when Kahlil pulled out a Versace robe haha- no big deal!

Anywayyyyy, hope you enjoy these cozy photos! They are truly some of my favorites!! If you are digging these and want to inquire with me- click here! And if you would like to see another in home session that I also love you can click here!