Jack & Rosalind // Twins

I know no one reads these little post I put above the images, but I like talking to myself, so here it is.

I recently met Bill and Morgan in April 2016, and I knew in the first moments of talking to them that our time together would quickly turn into a valued friendship. These two humans have hearts of gold, and when we first shot their maternity photos, I honestly didn’t think things could get any better. But they did, and today is that day that happened. Today is the day I met Mister Jack and Miss Rosalind. I don’t really think there is anything better in this whole world than the feeling you get when you hold a baby. I don’t even get this feeling when I hug my dog, which is saying a lot. Something about the purity and softness of a baby really makes me….. well…. cry (double time). Happy tears though. I can’t wait to watch these little beans grow so big and strong. They will surely conquer the world together! Unofficial Auntie Steph loves you so much babies, and you certainly have been blessed with some pretty rockin’ parents!

-Sincerely, Stephanie-

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