All the little details for the moments that matter most on your big day.

What photos do you want to find of yourself in 50 years? I am talking about the photos your grandkids find in an old shoe box in the garage type of photos..... what do you imagine seeing in those? These are the types of questions I challenge couples to think about, because at the end of the day life is about the memories made, and photographs should tell the story for you.

The Experience

Empathetic Photojournalism 

Photojournalism is the technique in which a story or news event is told via photos, and empathy is the ability to share feelings of another person. Together they create a documentary style of wedding photography that allows the eyes to             with the heart in order to tell a story that is truthful and meaningful to the people in the images. The soul foundation for how I work is the same way a photojournalist would capture a news story. Life happens with or without photos, and 

Creating imagery that outlives is my motto, meaning I strive to document moments the way they happened and not the way I made it seem. I am not here to change your day, and I am not here to create 'my art', but rather I am here to be a historian of your wedding day. Of course I still do directed family, bridal party, and couple photos, but it's the in between moments from those that really speak to who people are, and what lives on. I want to be a witness of your memories, a truth teller, and your biggest advocate. 


so should your day.

I hear you, I see you.

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 I am ready to be your witness.

Start at $1800

+ Couple only
+ 4 hours of elopement coverage
+ One photographer
+ Travel within the US covered by client
+ Full resolution digital edited images delivered via online gallery


Start at $4200

+ 8 hours of wedding coverage
+ One photographer
+ Full resolution digital edited images delivered via online gallery
+ Travel included to Missouri


Start at $600

+ 60-90 minutes of coverage
+ online gallery of full resolution edited images
 + printing rights
+ assistance with location scouting



"give this woman


"I don't even know where to begin, writing this review was hard because I want to say SO MUCH! High-level, just WOW...Amazing. Four months later and I still look at our wedding gallery twice a week and get so emotional!"

"When she sent me the link to my gallery I cried, I laughed, I got chills."



"I am proud to show off my wedding photos!"

"Stephanie is one of those photographers that will give it ALL, the pretty shots, the fun shots, the sweet shots- i mean there is not a single moment she did not capture."

"Stephanie will do whatever she can to get the best photos!"


"Stop looking for wedding photographers right now because you've found the proverbial "one" in Steph."

"she can even kill it on the dance floor!"

10 stars



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$200 will be added on for weddings in Kansas City or St. Louis!

Excluding Missouri and Arkansas, clients are responsible for flight, airbnb, and car rental/ uber for weddings that require it!

For weddings that require driving, I charge the industry rate of  $0.54/mile

I generally deliver 100 images per hour of work!

I will always recommend getting a day of planner, but in the event that your budget limits you- I can definitely assist in making the day of schedule! I send out a timeline questionnaire 3 months pre wedding to help with this as well!

All it takes is a little blood, sweat, your social security number, and your first born...... OH- and a signed contract + $900 deposit! 

Yo for real.... COVID-19 sucks and I hate that we all have to worry about it. If the unfortunate event of canceling/ rescheduling happens I will do my best to reschedule your day and waive the rescheduling fees for any day that is NOT a Saturday!  If you feel the need to cancel completely, you will be relieved of paying your remaining balance!