Senior Photos At The St. Joseph, MO Country Club

It was sort of surreal photography Kate’s senior photos in St. Joseph, MO because I have know Kate since she was a little girl! I used to babysit Kate and her Sister El all of time because we were neighbors, and I also spent a lot of time with them at the neighborhood pool at the Country Club because I lifeguarded there for 3 summers before going off to College! Seeing Kate now, as a beautiful elegant young woman with so much ahead in her future is honestly just as crazy as you’d think it would be! I don’t have any younger siblings (well….. I do have an irish twin “little brother” but he doesn’t really feel like a baby sibling), so I have never really had the chance to see someone go from a little six year old all the way to a FULL GROWN ADULT!

Kate is on the tennis team right now, as you can tell from her senior photos, and though she doesn’t have plans to play in college, she sure makes me want to buy a front row ticket to cheer her on for the rest of her life! I can’t make anything look as cute as Kate can make a tennis racket look :/ After the tennis courts where we had a full on entourage of people helping throw tennis balls for the perfect shot, we headed up to the football field bleachers and then to the front lawn of the high school to get the classic money shot! The night ended at the good ole Country Club which is still where both of our parent’s live! So I guess we ended the night just doing what we always do…. chilling in the CC!

I don’t visit home a lot, but when I do it’s always great to know my life is filled with people like Kate and her family. I know they will forever be part of my lives, and I can’t wait to continue to watch Kate and her sister El move through life as strong women!

Until next time,