I woke up Saturday morning, dirty hair with major sleep in my eyes. I was still in bed when my good friend Yoni called me about second shooting a wedding with him…. 2.5 hours away. So I did what was natural, which was to get my life together and hit the road immediately! Yoni told me it was the couple from his best engagement shoot ever, and I knew right away that he was talking about Brooke and Austin. I couldn’t have been happier to have been a part of this big day, I really think I got lucky being able to second shoot a wedding as beautiful as this one way. But where the real luck comes in is the fact I got to meet Brooke and Austin, who are two humans that radiate kindness, passion, and humor. The love between these two was unreal, and I honestly felt more in love with life after seeing how perfectly they¬†blended with each other. I hope some day I can hangout with them again, because the world is a better place with these guys in it and I just want to be surrounded by their laughter everyday. I hope these photos convey the love between two people, between parents and their children, between friends, and most importantly the love of Jesus Christ.

-Sincerely, Stephanie-

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