-Bride KC-

Once a month or so I am luck enough to shoot the dresses from the best bridal shop in Kansas City, Bride KC! Not only are the dresses all perfection, but the model are always so “girl next door” like, and I am OBSESSES with the way the dresses hug their curves and show of the strong women that they are! Working for Bride is not only and honor, but it’s seriously so fun! You can almost always catch us busting moves with booty shakin’ jams playing. I also alwayssss leave my freaking stool in someone’s car and end up having to buy a new one the next day (I see you Miranda you stool thief). Honestly I am just so short and these models are always amazon women, so I HAVE to have a stool with me haha. Anywayyyy, enjoy this bad ass babe in some bad ass dresses!!!! Being a Kansas City Wedding Photographer never disappoints!!!


Dresses: Bride KC

Model: Miranda Espinosa

HMUA: Cherilyn Faris/ cherilyn.farris@gmail.com



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