Scenic Big Cedar Lodge Wedding in Branson, Missouri

I have so many words to say about this day, and even though the photos tell the best story I still want to express how freaking thankful I am to have been a witness for Jennifer and Josh at their Big Cedar Lodge wedding. I originally wasn’t supposed to photograph this wedding, because I was booked for their initial date- but the stars aligned and a date change allowed me to be present! Jen and Josh invited my boyfriend and I to come up to Big Cedar to stay for two nights at Camp Long Creek. This part of the resort just so happened to be dog friendly, meaning I also got to bring my golden retriever! So not only did I get to come stay at the best resort in the midwest, but I also got to experience it with my best friends! Talk about a memorable weekend!

Beyond the excitement of the wedding day, there was also something (someone) special growing behind the scenes of it all. Jen was 20 weeks into a beautiful pregnancy on this day and let me tell you- THE GLOW WAS REAL! Her and Josh snuck in all of the moments with those around them, including their four year old daughter Olive, while also giving attention to the little boy who hasn’t made it earth side yet. After watching Jen and Josh with Olive and after seeing their incredible chemistry, I have no doubt that they will be the best parents to two kiddos. *Keep an eye out for their first look when Jen holds her baby belly and Josh starts to cry* UGH MY WHOLE HEART EXPLODED!!!!

I can’t believe this day has come and gone, and I hope these photos tell the most truthful story. All I could ever ask for is that my photos have a direct correlation of how the day was, and not how I made it seem through ‘#art’. I am honored to have been a historian of the this day, and wish the best of luck to Jen, Josh, Olive, and soon to be baby boy!

Photographer: Stephanie Nachtrab Photography

Venue: Big Cedar Lodge Shooting Academy

Planner: Allison with Big Cedar Lodge

Florals: The Nest 

Dress: Lazaro at Kleinfeld Bridal

Caterer: Big Cedar Lodge

Hair: Heather Hardesty, Studio 417

Makeup: Emily Edgar

Musician: Shaun Munday

Videographer: Andrew Edwards



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