I know, in the wedding planning process, it's easy to get lost in the sauce of it all. That no one is really asking you, "Why do you want this?" or, "What would your wedding day look like if it wasn't about the photos?" My goal is to help change the way we all view wedding photography. I am here to be an advocate for YOU, and I am here to tell your story, and not to change it to fit my "portfolio." I don't want you to have to perform for me, or feel like you have to have an "instagram worthy" wedding for me to shoot it, because frankly none of that matters. You're getting FREAKING MARRIED, and I want you to remember what that felt like!

Hey, I'm 


Stephanie Nachtrab

Me, my husband, and our two dogs (a golden named Finn and a springer spaniel named Nigel) live in St. Louis, MO! We have way too many plants, and big hearts for craft beer, hiking, and board games!

"To know Stephanie is to know her          ."




   Other than being a dog lady, and a scientist-turned-photog, I am also one of twelve children in my family. Growing up as 1/12 children from a blended family, I’d like to think I was inevitably born to handle the wedding crazies. It’s pretty much instinct to stay calm and collected in a room of 100+ people, and sadly it’s also instinct to eat before all of the good food is gone. So if you see me smashing cake, don’t judge me- I can’t help myself. At this point the only leverage I have with you is to say “Hire me so I can party with you, talk about dogs, and eat your wedding desserts.” What else could you ever want in a wedding photographer? Contact me to chat more!

Random enough, I didn’t always want to be a wedding photographer. I spent majority of my life pursuing medical school, and summed up that journey in 2017 when I got my masters in Biomedical Science. I pretty much realized, making rad art as an equality minded chick and running my own business was WAY more my league!

Before I can tell your story, let me tell you mine.

Odds & Ends

My dogs have their own instagram and education website! @thegoldenfinn and thegoldenfinn.co

I was born in Toledo, Ohio and then moved to St. Joseph, Missouri when I was 6! Now I live in Arkansas!

My sister owns a whole sale fireworks company so I always try to get my couples the hook up for their wedding!

My fiance is a family medicine doctor, but may know more about craft beer than he does about the human body (kidding!)

My talents outside photography are that I can make a mean margarita and I have a bad ass coffee set up at home!