I am a Kansas City native, currently residing in Little Rock, Arkansas while my boyfriend completes his family medicine residency! We have two dogs (a golden named Finn and a springer spaniel named Nigel), way too many plants, and big hearts for craft beer, hiking, and board games!

"To know Stephanie is to know her          ."




   Other than being a dog lady, and a scientist-turned-photog, I am also one of twelve children in my family. Growing up as 1/12 children from a blended family, I’d like to think I was inevitably born to handle the wedding crazies. It’s pretty much instinct to stay calm and collected in a room of 100+ people, and sadly it’s also instinct to eat before all of the good food is gone. So if you see me smashing cake, don’t judge me- I can’t help myself. At this point the only leverage I have with you is to say “Hire me so I can party with you, talk about dogs, and eat your wedding desserts.” What else could you ever want in a wedding photographer? Contact me to chat more!

Random enough, I didn’t always want to be a wedding photographer. I spent majority of my life pursuing medical school, and summed up that journey in 2017 when I got my masters in Biomedical Science. I pretty much realized, making rad art as an equality minded chick and running my own business was WAY more my league #bless.

Before I can tell your story, let me tell you mine.

Odds & Ends

My dogs have their own instagram and education website! @thegoldenfinn and thegoldenfinn.co

I was born in Toledo, Ohio and then moved to St. Joseph, Missouri when I was 6! Now I live in Arkansas!

My sister owns a whole sale fireworks company so I always try to get my couples the hook up for their wedding!

My boyfriend is a family medicine doctor but may know more about craft beer than he does about the human body (kidding!)

My talents outside photography are that I can make a mean margarita and I have a bad ass coffee set up at home!